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We've Moved To Our New Studio

This is it!

What's that saying... the bigger the space, the more things you need accumulate to fill up that new space. Well, that was sooooo not the case for us.

We were in desperate need of a larger shooting area with elevated ceilings for our corporate clients and groups...and we found it! We needed more parking for our clients and guests...we found it!

We needed a quieter, more professional location...we found it! We need separate office space for privacy...and yes, we found it!

Our studio is like a second home for us, so comfort and the ability to grow was important. Our new space allows for more creative freedom to capture that perfect image for our clients.

Now, our studio is functional, organized, more upscale, with a simple design.

Take a look for yourself!

Front Lobby

Client Lounge

Studio A


Studio B

Let's start planning your session today!

Chezaray + Veronica 💕