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Style Tips to Help You Look Amazing in Your Photo Session

Whether you are preparing for your first photo shoot with a portrait photographer or your 20th session, we know it can be stressful. We have a few tips that will put you at ease and help you prepare, so you can have a fantastic experience.

We decided to expound on this topic because this is one of the questions we hear most. It is also one of the biggest challenges leading up to a photo session.

(Guys, we have not forgotten about you - We have a link here just for you men on the same subject.)

So Ladies, Let’s Jump Right In!

As a smart businesswoman, you know you need strong branding images for your online presence. Since great branding is about authenticity and capturing the real you, your wardrobe and styling is a great place to start!

Having a well thought out plan for what you will be wearing will help us get 'on brand' photos that you will be able to use on all your marketing platforms with intention because you have the result in mind.

You do not want to sabotage your session by being ill prepared with clothing that does not fit or is not suited to your body type or does not align with your brand and your personality.

How Do You Want Your Brand To Be Perceived?

Because clothing is such an important part of a great photograph, I am going to be going a little deeper than the typical "What to Wear" videos/blogs, etc.

After this video you will have a fairly good idea as to what type of clothing flatters your body most, what colors look best on you and even what to look for when you are buying items in the future.

If you want to look your absolute best, this process will require you to dig a little deeper into the Personality of Your Brand, What You Want Your Brand to Represent, How You Want Your Brand to Be Perceived and The Style of You.

Give Yourself Time and Space

This process requires a bit of patience and time. The time investment will save you frustration and overwhelm down the line because you will be prepared and ready.

Prepare to Take Selfies. If you do not have a proper pop up your phone, set up the timer and prepare to take a ton of pics. This is where a full-length mirror is a must so you can view yourself from head to toe.

Think About What You Want To Communicate

Think of words that define your brand – Like, high-end, smart and sophisticated, casual and fun, organic and natural, bold, colorful and vibrant, trusted and faithful, athletic and strong, feminine and nurturing.

The Basics

There are a few General Rules for What to Wear for photographs meaning there are exceptions to every rule. We encourage you to show your personality.

Solid Colors Work Best. They are timeless and less distracting than patterns or bold prints. Here is where you may want to think about incorporating you brand colors into your session. You can use a little or a lot. Even have subtle touches of color with accessories can be just the right pop to suggest and tie into your brand colors.

If possible, try to avoid white. Solid white tops tend to reflect the light and can wash out your complexion, especially if you have fair skin.

On the opposite spectrum, just like white, bright neon colors can be a distraction. Pastels and shades of grays and blacks are great because they tend to slim and hide areas of the body, we want to detract attention from. Muted colors and earth tones also work well because they are classic.

Long sleeves are also preferred over tanks tops are short sleeves. Too much skin showing can be distracting in certain cases for a conservative or more traditional business style or look.

Clothing also needs to be tailored. Loose fitting, boxy clothing adds weight in photographs. Which is obviously something most of us want to avoid!

A polished presentation speaks volumes and well-fitted, well prepared clothing will make you look like a superstar.

Accessories. Try to stay away from oversized, trendy jewelry, printed scarves, huge belt buckles and overcomplicated shoes.

Shh!! The last thing we need to talk about is Shapewear. The right undergarment is a must for smoothing unwanted lines from undergarments, and it sets the tone please. Do not skip it! It helps create a flattering silhouette. It also helps posture. So, get yourself into that piece of magic of all this is about

Keep it simple to not detract from your overall intent. Now with that said, if you have a statement piece that is part of your signature style, then go for it!

➤➤ BONUS: Click Here for a cheat sheet on exactly how to start, what to wear and what not to wear.

You are ready for SELFIE TIME!

Try on the outfits and take selfies including the whole body and close-up by natural window light.

Have fun with it and again, be patient with the process. Remember, we are here to assist, so feel free to reach out if you stumble along the way.

Let's start planning your session today!

Chezaray + Veronica | Las Vegas Branding and Headshot Photography