Meet Chezaray & Veronica

The Best Photography Team In Las Vegas

Husband + Wife

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Our business is photography and we specialize in photography for serious business people.

We understand what it's like owning your own business and all that goes into being self-employed. We have worked together in the photography industry for more than 25 years.

People often ask, how do you manage working with your spouse as your business partner and being together 24/7?

Our answer . . . we are definitely better together!

We complement each other; where one is weak the other is strong. It's those differences that have helped us grow as creatives, business owners, individuals and partners.

So how do we find the balance between work and love? There really isn't a work life vs personal life. For us, it's all just Life!

Work, Life Balance

Even from our early days photographing and interviewing Hollywood royalty, we have always managed to create and converge our ideas and concepts in a positive way.

We find ourselves collaborating on everything which makes life easy (most of the time).

Whether working on a promotion, a new project, or just sitting together binge-watching one of our favorite programs, this thing we call life-together, works for us.

We share our work and downtime and are together 24/7 which can make each day unique and challenging.

While there is little distance to make the heart grow fonder, there is an established level of trust and respect that has steadily grown over the years.

No matter the disagreement that may arise (and it does happen), there is a deep sense of security, confidence, and love which makes that bridge an easy one to cross.

One of our long established life boundaries and rules - no cell phones in bed or during our coveted morning meetings over coffee!


Your Photography Team

At Chezaray Photography we help business people look confident, credible, and friendly in photographs that build trust and connection, leading to a successful and profitable business.

Hi, I'm Chezaray

Photographer, Photo Gadget Guru, Veronica's Private Chef. I love all things dealing with cars, cameras, Formula 1 Racing, and food. Known to have a soft spot for the underdog... aka Cesare Bonazza.

I thought my name might be easier to pronounce if I spelled it phonetically...and yes, I am Italian. So quite naturally food, wine, passion, and travel are always a part of my conversation.

I'm just as excited whether I'm cooking a simple tomato and basil pasta dish for friends and family on a lazy summer afternoon or organizing my photography gear for a new client session. Either one makes my day.

As a photographer, I have had the awesome gift and golden opportunity to be able to travel my whole life. For those of you with the same privilege, you know the world is a beautifully exotic, magical place.

I enjoy sharing my different experiences and the many things that I have collected along the way.

I have come to be best known for photographing people - whether young, famous, fun, cute, sad, cultured, happy, chic, thin, rich, tall, old, short...I just love the creative process.

It's the only job I have ever had and after so many years with a camera in my hand I wouldn't - no I couldn't dream of doing anything else.

I also happen to love this country and am honored to be able to live here - sharing the days with my wife, my two daughters, four dogs. a cat, and the friendship of those I have met along the way.

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Hi, I'm Veronica

Studio Manager, Marketing & Branding Enthusiast, Chezaray's Hype Girl. I am a bit of a tomboy, with a love for the simpler things in life.

As an Air Force brat with a degree in Journalism, I started my career as a TV reporter in Detroit after graduating. I soon learned covering fires, shoot outs, and robberies was not this girl's cup of tea.

So, I relocated back to Los Angeles, where I owned and operated a flower shop (rainbows and unicorns are more my taste) serving the movie industry, corporate accounts, and events.

It was during these youthful days I met, fell in love, married, and starting working with Chezaray.

Over the years, I have found myself wearing several different hats and picking up a ton of different talents, many of which I am able to share with our clients today.

My business experience includes writing, public speaking, flower arranging, business management, marketing, image consulting, corporate event planning, and sales. All these skill sets handily come into play in my roles as just one of the driving forces behind the scenes of Chezaray Photography.

I happily contribute by assisting, helping, suggesting, and advising clients on logistical details, creative ideas, and any pre-prep needed for an amazing photography session.

On the personal side and in no particular order, I enjoy up-cycling furniture, weekend projects, peonies, reading, spending time with my family, and playing with our dogs.

I also love a great eating experience - just one of the perks that comes with living in Las Vegas - a city that offers an endless choice of awesome restaurants.