Branding Photography

Bring Your Brand To Life

Struggling to Capture Those Perfect Photographs?

You know, the ones you post of yourself on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram?

Ever wonder how everyone else gets those brilliant, stylized photographs?

  • The beautiful branding photographs that show and promote them and their business.
  • The ones that show off the perfect business setting.
  • The ones that make it easy for them to win their ideal clients...

Well, you start by making sure you find a photographer who specializes in business branding photography. A true professional with years of experience who understands the many details that go into making you look your best.

One who can create portraits that show your personality and confidence without looking arrogant. One who also talks to you and collaborates to find out each of the marketing, promotional, and brand content areas where you will use these photographs.

At Chezaray Photography that's exactly what we do! We are here to help you develop and create your ideal branding photographs!

Intentional Branding Photography

As a professional, you know the images you put out there can make or break your company message.

Today, more than ever, you need a strong branding strategy for your online business presence.

You won't get some dreamy, fluffy photography from a newbie who just made the switch from part-time hobbyist to full-time photographer.

Nor will you see photos that are inconsistent with your brand messaging of you awkwardly smiling at your laptop, dancing in a field of flowers, or aimlessly walking through the mall swinging a designer handbag.

We will help you create a library of photographs that will get you:

  • Clients that WANT to work with you
  • Clients that won't hesitate over your fees
  • Clients who will return time and time again

We will collaborate, plan and create beautiful photographs that tell your story without looking like every other brand shoot out on social.

Chezaray Photography

Behind the Scenes

Your Experience

In Three Steps


Pre-Session Consultation


Portrait Session


Portrait Reveal + Order

No One Puts More Prep and Planning Into Your Photo Session Than We Do

Our Branding Session is our most popular session. It's also the photography style that we are best known for. Here is where we help you develop and connect your brand message on a deeper more significant level.

We'll discuss the details and show what separates and distinguishes you from the many other businesses and people who are doing the same thing you do and offer the same service and product that you sell.

Imagine having a archive of on-brand photos showing your JOURNEY and the PASSION that is the motivating force behind YOU.

You will get those outstanding images you have dreamed of...the visuals that will play an essential role in driving profits, establishing your expertise and showcasing your overall like, know, trust, factor.

The Top 3 Secrets You Should Know For A Great Personal Branding Session

Like many of our clients, you may have a few concerns, and a bit of anxiety about getting in front of the camera and having your photograph taken.

You may have even said or thought the following...

"I feel so awkward in front of a camera..."

You are not alone! We understand how it can feel odd and vulnerable to be the center of attention with all eyes on you. We're pros at making you feel comfortable so those unwelcome jitters and butterflies go away.

We promise to work with you, listen to you, and take the time to make sure you feel at ease and have fun during your photo session.

"I don't know how to pose..."

Don't worry! We will guide you every step of the way. We have years of experience working with people and understand how to position you in a natural way making sure you look your absolute best.

Plus, we have a full time Creative Director who will help you with posing and so much more.

You will want to download our Free Styling Guide filled with tips and a bonus section all about Posing!

"I have no idea what to wear..."

We know how important choosing the right clothing can be. Clothing can add or subtract weight and make all the difference in how you look.

First, you will receive one-on-one guidance, suggestions, and tips that will make this step enjoyable and effortless.

Next, we will collaborate on the perfect clothing styles and options for the type of session you envision. We will guide you on what to wear including all the accessories.

You are going to look and feel like a million bucks!

Feel Like a Deer in Headlights During a Photo Session?

Download The Shot List so you can brainstorm, make a plan, and never run out of ideas for your session.

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Let's Get You In Front Of Our Lens

What makes our Personal Branding Experience different?

Our clients are movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, celebrities, and other public figures who demand quality images for their websites, social platforms, PR, and other marketing collateral.

They plan to use their images on everything from book launches, speaking engagements, LinkedIn bios, About pages, billboards, Instagram, Facebook, product launches, to full page magazine spreads.

Everyone has a story and so do you. It's our responsibility to you to take the time to meet with you and plan your session long before we do any photography.

Imagine creating stunning photographs that not only get you noticed; these images will have your dream clients lining up as your biggest fans ever.

You have the choice of a studio or location session experience. Just how personal and in-depth you decide to go is up to you.

This custom-tailored session is designed with one thing in mind…celebrating the Brand that is YOU!

Let's tell and show the story about how you got to the point you are now and how you went about growing and expanding your business. We will help you tell that story and help make your future dreams a reality.

In the same way we have helped others, let us help you create images that make you look fantastic and leave you speechless!

Your branding session will elevate your brand and help deliver your message.

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What Clients Say

Kimberly B.


Thanks to Yelp, I found Chezaray for a professional headshot. I am from Hollywood and I've been through quite a lot of photoshoots before. The photos were excellent. I was impressed at the flawless, natural result. His price is very reasonable. I will definitely be seeing him again when I need additional photos in the future.

Miranda McCullough

Financial Consultant

Chezaray is amazing! Not only a talented photographer but also a genuine person. He responded quickly and was very easy to schedule with. He recommended a makeup artist, Megan, who did an amazing job. I felt like myself, but still glammed up! Chezaray made me feel very comfortable during the shoot. If you are unsure of where to go for pictures, go to Chezaray! You will not be disappointed!

Daniella C.

Licensed Realtor

Chezaray was highly rated, and the sample photographs on his website were convincing. He was warm, kind, and enthusiastic on the call. At the studio, he put me at ease, giving great direction. I am extremely pleased with the final product... a photo that I can be comfortable with putting out in the world.

Beautiful Ways

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Enjoy the photos of your life with printed memories you can cherish in your home every day.

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Feel Like a Deer in Headlights During a Photo Session?

Download The Shot List so you can brainstorm, make a plan, and never run out of ideas for your session.

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