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Men’s Headshots: 15 Tips for Looking Great in Photos

Men’s Headshots: 15 Tips for Looking Great in Photos

The Art of Style

When it comes to headshots and personal brand photography it may seem ladies get all the attention. They get more time, more tips, and more direction.

Well not anymore. Here at Chezaray Photography men are just as much of a concern. We know you want to look great in photos too.

So, gentlemen with that in mind here are 15 tips for looking your best in photos:

  1. Give your basics a personal touch. That one personalized item will stand out with every look and will make sure that you too always stand out. Wear your favorite pair of sneakers with your suits, go for the superhero cufflinks or socks with your everyday office formals. Find that one element that is so you, it could be an accessory a clothing item or even something as simple as just a color.

2.  Layered looks photograph extremely well in photos. Think suits, sport coats, vests, or thick, textured sweaters — but only if you wear these in real life.

3.  Wear what you might wear for an important meeting or when meeting a potential client for the first time.

4.   You can’t go wrong with long sleeves or ¾ sleeves. These sleeve lengths are flattering for most people. This even applied to extremely fit individuals. Sleeveless and short sleeve outfits limit the number of poses that will be flattering.)

5. Wear a color and style that is flattering for you— one you know makes you look good, or that you get lots of compliments on when you wear it. Blues, especially medium blues, look fantastic on most men. White and too-light pastels tend to wash out the skin, so wear them sparingly (under a jacket, for instance) or not at all.

6.  Solid colors and small prints are great however please avoid large prints and busy fabrics and it goes without say to make sure all outfits are clean, pressed, and well-fitting.

7.  Wear a tie only if you wear one in real life. If you do choose to wear a tie, make sure it is knotted correctly. (Bonus tip: A properly knotted tie falls at the middle of the belt.)

8.  If you plan on getting a haircut before your session give yourself at least 5-7 days for your hair to relax into its new style.

9. Grooming is as important as dressing. Facial hair – keep it trimmed and neat. Grooming includes beard, mustache and hair care. Make sure your facial hair is neatly trimmed.

10.  Skincare. None of us is getting any younger and the climate is not getting any more forgiving. There is no need to pretend that it does not matter. Healthy skin is happy skin!

11. No logos, please, unless of course you want to feature your company’s logo.

12.  Candid photos are all the rage but for profile pictures, email signatures, and about-page profile pics, it’s important to have a clean, well-lit portrait with eyes looking at the camera. Your profile picture is your virtual handshake when meeting someone for the first time so make that first impression an engaging one.

13.  Tee shirts are generally too casual for business photos. I also suggest avoiding polo shirts (unless you work in a super casual industry) and go with long sleeves. You can always go for a rolled-up sleeve to give a more casual look.

14. We touched on this a bit earlier. . . Accessorize! Lapel pins, bows, funky ties and socks, personalized cuff links, hats, custom handkerchief with your initials, custom made pens, cool messenger bags/laptop bags, trendy sunglasses, or frames… You have a whole lot of option to pick from and you can amp up any look with these basic changes.

15. You can never go wrong with the classic looks. The classic suits, shoes, styles are classic for a reason. Trousers with crisp shirts are still hot and will always be hot on men. The perfectly styled classic black or grey suit will work just as well as any other style. Hey, George Clooney and Prince Harry’s formal classic styles are never out of fashion. We love them, women swoon and they continue to capture the curiosity of the world!

If you’re thinking about booking your individual headshot or corporate team headshot session or if you want to brainstorm or talk further, let’s chat! (702) 448-4998