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Las Vegas Brand Photography: Melissa Katsakos – Wellness Guide + Skincare Therapist

Wellness guide and skincare therapist, Melissa Katasakos takes an integrative approach to helping women achieve beautifully radiant health. Melissa @melissakatsakos has over 25 years of experience as a woman-centered holistic health practitioner and is a nationally certified massage therapist and integrative esthetician.

She is passionate about helping people alchemize into their potential and live their best, joy-filled life. She came to us with a desire to create brand photography for her new company in a style that would express her professionalism, openness, and authenticity.

Connecting with her brand aesthetic was also key. Melissa's photos were captured in our studio space, which eliminated the challenge of finding a location.

Using our full-service studio environment makes things easier all around when shooting a brand photography session. We have a comfortable client area, a kitchen, makeup/dressing room, and two studio spaces to create amazing photos in.

We can control the lighting; it's cool in the summer and cozy in the winter months. Plus, we don't have to deal with the wind, rain, or any other Las Vegas weather surprises.

Customized Brand Sessions

Looking to create a customized photoshoot for your brand launch, website update, social media site, landing pages, Facebook ads, and any other marketing campaigns? Of course, everything starts with a Pre-Session Consultation.

This one-on-one meeting is where we talk about:

  • Hair and Makeup Artistry
  • Wardrobe Styling and Number of Looks
  • Session Concepts and Creative Ideas
  • Studio Set Backdrop and Designs
  • The Types of Props You Should Bring
  • And of course, Type of Photos You Need for Marketing Materials, Website, or Social Media Platforms

Melissa’s Hair and Makeup were styled by Brandy Neugebauer-Quinto – #themobgroup. Here are a few of her favorite images from her branding session.

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