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15 Refreshing Ways to Use Your Branding Photography

15 Refreshing Ways to Use Your Branding Photography

Veronica Here!

As our branding photography go-to person I am always looking at how different industries use visuals to market their message.

For you as an entrepreneur I am happy to say there are countless ways you can use branding photography for your business. Every aspect of marketing includes visuals so what, where and how you use them is key to creating a successful brand and marketing strategy.

And yes, while having enticing copy is  a must, you also need strong visuals to back it up. Branding photography showcases your product and is the visual representation of your brand, so outstanding images are key.

Without this magic combination even the most innovative of marketing campaigns will fall flat.

So here is a rundown of 15 refreshing, effective and different ways you can successfully use your branding photography.


Blogs are a fantastic avenue for engaging your customer base online. With that said, no matter how interesting and well-written your posts are, without appealing images to support your copy most readers will quickly lose interest.

Blog posts that contain an image once every 75-100 words will get shared 2X more. If you have a blog make sure the content you put out is appealing for both the eyes and the mind.


Your About page is a natural opportunity to introduce yourself to your clients and followers. Here’s a peek at ours.

As with any introduction first-impressions are important since people make quick assumptions. The photos you share of your personal brand should reflect your core values & personality.

This is your opportunity to showcase the best qualities of yourself and your brand!

When creating your About page a clever, fun trick is to pick the top 3 words to describe your brand and make sure your About photo embodies those characteristics.

Our brand words are uptown, classic, and elegantly simple. Okay, that’s 4 words but who’s counting.


Having a Facebook business page is an essential platform for newly interested clients and followers to get to know your products or services. It helps your clients become familiar with your brand and it’s a way for them discover how to contact you and your business.

It makes sense to use attractive imagery that communicates the professionalism and purpose of your brand in the cover images and profile photos to create a compelling first-impression.


Instagram has quickly become a must for both creatives and businesses due to its large user base and its ability to communicate to an audience with the combination of images and words within each post.

It’s the social media platform that allows us to really showcase our visual aesthetic.

You can stay connected with your user base and grow your brand’s following. Photos and more specifically, branding photography is of course at the heart of this platform.

You want to post images that are visually appealing, relevant to the latest trends and unique to your brand.

This will help you connect to your audience while they are scrolling through their feed and hopefully convert them into customers!


Ads are everywhere these days, whether you’re driving to the grocery store, watching TV or surfing the web.

With so much competition for attention out there new businesses need to create visuals that are both attractive and stimulating in order to compete.


Business cards are useful for creating a positive first-impression and staying in contact with a new business contacts, but only if they’re done right.

Utilize photos and graphics to personalize your company business cards so that they reflect the professionalism of your business plus make the person you handed it to want to hang on to it.


Newsletters are a very popular way to stay in-touch with your client base and let them know about upcoming events and opportunities.

To ensure your email newsletters are communicating effectively with your client base, it’s important to include an intriguing headline AND visually stimulating images to grab the recipient’s attention.


If you have created a dedicated app for your business the kind of images you use within it can become a significant advantage.

Whether your images are being used as buttons or within a gallery they should all be attractive and engaging enough to keep users on the app for as long as possible.


Brochures effectively communicate your business offerings to new clients but, written descriptions are simply not enough.

Your brochure should include intriguing photos of your brand, products and offerings in order to effectively communicate the quality and type of services you offer.


Welcome packets are a fantastic way to introduce your brand to new clients. A packet could include various marketing materials, brand imagery, or samples of your products or services.

By including strong visuals in your welcome packets, like the one we use below, you are sure to impress new clients and make them glad they chose you over the competition.


First impressions are important, but sometimes the impressions you leave with a client you’ve already worked with can be even more crucial.

Small touches like sending out personalized thank you cards can make a world of difference increasing the chance of a client returning.

By including top-notch branding photography in thank you cards, you give them an added personalized touch with a professional appearance.


In creating a pricing guide for your business, it’s not enough to just state the facts and figures.

With high-quality images of your products or services clients are better able to compare the costs and benefits making them likelier to make a purchase.


Pop-ups grab the attention of users on your website and prompt them to subscribe, or alert them to time-sensitive information like a sale.

However, if they are poorly designed, they can quickly turn into a nuisance instead. By using quality imagery and relevant information in your pop-ups, you can ensure that your users stay informed and happy.


Store displays are common so to stand out from the rest the best displays are those that make use of bold, enticing images and decorations.

By incorporating beautifully photographed images in your store display you are sure to grab the attention of passers-by and arouse their curiosity.


Being featured in a magazine is a great way to spread awareness of your brand among your consumer base and improve your brand’s reputation. However, where this form of visual marketing is concerned your brand is only as good as its imagery.

If getting your business featured in a magazine is your goal make sure that creating visually appealing brand imagery and product photography is at the top of your to-do list.

Visual communication is powerful. Learning how to use it effectively is a major asset for business owners.

Let us help make this experience easy for you. Give us a call for to discuss your branding photography session. We would love to work with you!

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